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Demystifying ANSI/AAMI ST108

Water has often been referred to as the world’s original solvent. Each day, a typical sterile processing department will use thousands of gallons of water to reprocess medical instruments. For years, many healthcare facilities have relied upon the  AAMI TIR34 guideline, “Water for reprocessing of medical devices,” as the governing  document to establish and manage water quality in their department.

This changed with the August 2023 release of ANSI/AAMI ST108, “Water for the processing of medical devices.” This is some of the feedback we have received from healthcare facilities:

  • “we aren’t sure we understood AAMI TIR34”
  • “I have my doubts we ever fully implemented it correctly”
  • “ I haven’t read ST108, and I have questions on what will be required for compliance.”

Many departments are concerned about the scope and frequency of testing required, and when they will be required to comply. This is causing anxiety throughout the industry.

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MMIC Medical Systems April 20, 2021