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Keep critical systems operating

Even the best healthcare facilities experience interruptions — from renovations to tropical storms. That’s where mmic™ comes in. We help you never stop caring.

For more than 20 years, mmic™ has pioneered the development of temporary, on-site medical solutions to help hospitals and healthcare facilities maintain control of critical processes while keeping trained staff fully employed.

Our code compliant facilities are equipped with hospital-grade medical and communications systems customized to meet your unique needs. We’ll provide design assistance to help integrate a customized solution into your facility. Plus, you’ll receive on-site service, maintenance, and training so you never have to worry about your facility’s performance — we’ll take care of any issues for you. When you’re done with the facility, we’ll help you transition back to normal operations during the decommissioning process.

You get a solution that meets your needs — not ours.

High-level compliance means no lapse in care. We help keep your facility up and running without missing a beat.

Why Select mmic™

Because we never stop caring. Our surgical workflow solutions provide you with the best choices to ensure that care continues uninterrupted.

From surgical to sterile processing to water quality, our solutions are backed with decades of unequaled performance. They are cost-effective alternatives to outsourcing or phased construction. With an experienced team and a consultative approach, our solutions have proven to be the right choice for healthcare facilities across the country. Our team looks forward to joining you on your journey to never stop caring.

“mmic™ is unique. All shop floor workers, when trained, become true craftsmen able to manufacture from raw fabrication to finish. It’s truly a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling job.”

– Rusty Burt

MMIC Medical Systems November 20, 2019