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Your patients are too important to have surgical case delays due to sterile processing equipment failures, compliance issues, or frequent reprocessing rework. Day-to-day hospital operations are critically dependent on clean, sterilized medical instruments with no staining, spotting, or corrosion damage.

Our product line includes customizable temporary sterile processing facilities to help fill the void when a hospital’s sterile processing department is experiencing partial or complete functional loss or the sterile processing department is being renovated.

Sterile Processing
Sterile Processing

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Our customizable units allow you to choose the facility configuration that works best for our situation. Take a walk through one of our sterile processing units and see for yourself.

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Using one of our mmic™ systems gives you greater flexibility for your sterile processing needs. Learn more about using an mmic™ Mobile Sterile Processing System in our free white paper.

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Choosing a mobile sterile processing system

All mmic™ sterile processing facilities meet AAMI and FGI guidelines and are equipped with integrated power, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, life safety, and a communication network.

Fully-integrated Facilities

mmic™’s fully-integrated, temporary sterile processing facility is equipped with two clean sterilizers, two washer/disinfectors, one ultrasonic cleaner (di Vinci® accessories capable), one stainless steel reprocessing sink with three 30″ bays, plus more. In addition, the facility has multiple independently operated, integrated HVAC systems creating a three-zone, two-barrier facility to ensure the maintenance of air pressure relationships and temperature and humidity ranges in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines. The facility can accommodate additional customer-supplied equipment (e.g. low-temperature sterilizers, high-level disinfectors, etc.). The facility layout is also customizable with four separate entries and exits, allowing the customer maximum flexibility for workflow options and site restrictions. The facility is equipped with single-point utility connections for power, water, fire alarm, sprinkler system, and communications, providing for an efficient set-up.

Flexible-integrated Facilities

A flexible-integrated facility allows for more equipment to be integrated to meet higher capacity needs and virtually limitless configuration set-up options. Hospitals with proprietary or highly specialized equipment and needs may find a flexible integration better suits their needs. The facility can be configured to provide two, three, or four-zone configurations.

Dedicated Decontamination Processing Facilities

A dedicated decontamination processing facility is used exclusively for decontamination when only the decontamination of instruments is required. Decontamination facilities are designed to work independently or in tandem with the sterilization facility. The facility provides a two-zone, one barrier configuration (Soiled/Decontamination and Washer/Disinfector unloading).

Dedicated Sterilization Facilities

mmic™ designs dedicated facilities exclusively for instrument sterilization when customers are matching it with a dedicated decontamination facility or only require sterilization. The facility provides a two-zone, one barrier configuration (preparation, packaging, and sterile load/unload).

We provide supplemental options, ongoing support, and rigorous service.

Regardless of which facility configuration you choose, mmic™ works with you to transition from your current facility into your temporary solution. Whether you are moving into single or a multiple facility configuration setup, we are there to assist your ancillary activities, from engineering to site construction. Our optional add-ons such as our Water Treatment System, ancillary clean steam boilers, auxiliary HVAC, and additional compressed air capacity ensures that no matter how severe your requirements, whether you need 24 or 60 US tray throughput capacity, mmic™ has a solution that will meet your needs.

From engineering support during the planning phase, on-site assistance during site preparation, to sustaining efforts during the deployment, mmic™ is with you through the whole process until you are operational again in your facility.

In addition to our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and 24/7/365 service support, our turnkey water treatment services, including system disinfecting, water testing, and records and reporting, are in accordance with AAMI TIR34 guidelines and The Joint Commission for compliance and auditing records.


High-level compliance means no lapse in care.

Key Differentiators:

  • Dedicated Sterile Processing and Decontamination Facility options
  • Internal layout configuration and integrated equipment flexibility
  • Two, three, and four-zone facilities with one, two, and three-barrier configurations
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple water quality parameters per AAMI TIR34 guidelines
  • Supplemental add-ons to minimize site preparations or extend capacity
  • Turnkey water quality maintenance including disinfecting, testing, and reporting


  • AAMI and FGI guidelines
  • Designed and constructed to meet NFPA, life safety, and building codes
  • Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) certified for use in the state of California
  • Housing & Community Development (HCD) insignias for use in the state of California
  • Product liability insurance
  • Available on GSA Contract #GS30F0026Y

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