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It starts with clean water

Purified critical water is integral to a hospital’s sterile processing operation. Our water conditioning, purification, and real-time cloud-based water quality monitoring systems provide the highest quality water that meets or exceeds AAMI’s water quality guidelines for the reprocessing of medical devices. Our temporary systems are also customizable to meet any unique water treatment needs while your existing system is being renovated, upgraded, repaired, or replaced.


Water Treatment
Water Quality Systems

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Why VERDA™ Water Quality Systems?

  • More than RO/DI – VERDA™ is the only comprehensive water treatment system on the market that is AAMI TIR:34 compliant everywhere water is used in your Central Sterile.
  • Comprehensive – VERDA™ offers multiyear agreements for a turnkey solution that includes all equipment, preventive maintenance, testing, sanitation, and reporting services.
  • Quality Assured – All critical characteristics of water quality, and equipment performance are monitored to demonstrate compliance with your stated standards, and ensures efficient and safe operation of the system.
  • Peace of Mind –  Day after day you are delivering on your promise to your patients and have the data to prove it.

Used in conjunction with mmic™’s Mobile Sterile Processing System, our temporary water quality facility produces four types of water to feed the various disinfecting and sterilization processes (hot and cold critical water, conditioned hot utility water, and filtered cold utility water).



Key Differentiators

  • Minimizes Hospital Requirements so there’s no pre-conditioning of municipal feed-water by the hospital required.  Softeners, active carbon, micron, submicron, and reverse osmosis filtration treat the water while a booster pump system ensures adequate flow and pressure are maintained.
  • Produces Utility Hot Water which reduces hospital commissioning requirements.
  • Produces Critical Hot Water for faster cycle times in washer/disinfectors or increased steam quantity for sterilizers.
  • Real-time Water Quality Monitoring with a secure cloud-based infrastructure, providing local and remote alarm notifications and historical trend reporting, which ensures continuous high purity water and supports The Joint Commission accreditation and other quality control auditing.
  • Three Levels of Critical Water Disinfecting including continuous ultraviolet irradiation and thermal disinfecting of the water supply and monthly chemical disinfecting to maximize bacteria control.
  • Multiple Sampling Ports to allow third-party testing facilities to independently validate high purity water at each process step and at the point-of-use.
  • Continuous, High-Flow Recirculating Critical Water to maximize bacteria control and minimize biofilm growth throughout the piping.


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– Clarence Pickens

MMIC Medical Systems December 10, 2019