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mmic™ provides US healthcare code compliant endoscopy facilities, integrated with power, HVAC, plumbing, life safety, and communications, replicating all systems critical to endoscopy procedure rooms in a hospital.

Dimmable lighting is provided to address physician preferences depending upon procedures performed. mmic™ coordinates the installation of the temporary endoscopy facility and provides technical training and oversight during the initial “go live”.

A temporary endoscopy facility provides a safe, functional, and cost-effective method to serve patients and maintain uptime capability.

Endoscopy Units
Endoscopy Facilities

Key Differentiators

  • Maintain Uptime — Keep your healthcare facility profitable when you need it most.
  • Site Layout Assistance — Ensures the temporary facility is positioned in the most efficient location to ensure optimal operation.
  • Training & On-Boarding —We make sure you and your team are well trained on how to use the Mobile Endoscopy Unit (MEU™).
  • Flexible Platform – The MEU™ interior is designed with a 400 square feet procedure room (or two 200 square feet procedure rooms) supported by a pre/post-operative area, a bathroom/changing room, and two utility rooms–you can use the support spaces in a variety of ways to best meet your needs.
  • Superior Customer Service – From the moment you call until the end of your project, mmic™ provides 24/7/365 support to meet your needs.


  • AAAASF accredited mobile platform (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities)
  • The Joint Commission accreditable
  • CMS Reimbursable
  • State Healthcare Licensable
  • OSHPD accreditable (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for both California and Hawaii)
  • Housing and Community Development (HCD) Insignia (State of California)
  • Meets or exceeds industry guidelines and codes: FGI, ASHRAE, NFPA, ICC


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“I enjoy being an integral part of something that is far larger than I am. It feels good to know the things I’m doing will help people.”

– Janet Lumbra

MMIC Medical Systems December 10, 2019