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Is Your Water Smart?

The water supplied to your Central Sterile Processing equipment is one of the most important inputs to your
medical device reprocessing activities. Like any other process with inputs, “garbage in equals garbage out,”
which means that if the inputs to your process do not meet specifications, then it will inevitably affect the
outcomes and result in what is commonly known as Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s).

This Whitepaper attempts to answer:

  • How Smart is My Process Water?
  • Why is regularly monitoring your water quality
  • What does this mean for the Central Sterile
  • Why you don’t talk about our water that much at your
  • What about steam?
  • What should you do to improve your process?
  • What makes water Smart?
  • How do you make your water smart?

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MMIC Medical Systems February 16, 2022